Dr. Pamala Mitchell’s Accident & Sports Injury Clinic Reviews

When I first came to Dr. Mitchell, I was in pain from head to toe. After that first visit I went home with very little pain on the top half of my body. My second appointment was the next day; and she took care of the lower half of my body. It took years for my body to get in the shape it’s in, so I understand that no doctor can snap their fingers to make me feel better in one or two visits. I can however say, after my first two visits with Dr. Mitchell I went home and slept like a baby (something I haven’t done in… I don’t remember how long)! I’m now 12 visits in and feeling better then I have in years. I feel like I’m taller after every visit and able do do things I haven’t been able to do in years. I feel ‘Chiropractors’ don’t get the respect they deserve from insurance companies and the medical field as a whole. My experience with chiropractors has been extremely positive… not only do they know the body like the back of their hands, as a patient you don’t have to worry about getting hooked on drugs!!! I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me with the help of Dr. Mitchell! 🙏🏽 Blessings,

Sandra R

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff that will go out of their way to get to the root of your bodily issues while helping bring you ease, comfort, mobility and relaxation. You will also be provided with helpful tips and assignments to take home and practice when not in clinic. The doctor and staff will go the extra mile to communicate between appointments and will be thorough in any paperwork specific and necessary to your ailment or injury because they actually care about you, the patient.

Michelle G

I’ve been patient for over two years. Dr. Mitchell is always “Spot-on” when addressing my adjustment needs. Always leave feeling better than when I arrived. She is very focused on meeting my individual needs as a patient, and offers so much in living a healthier, happier and well-adjusted life. See ya in two weeks, Doc!!

Blaine H

Dr Mitchell was amazing! Brought my son in for a last minute sports physical, and she was quick, efficient, super friendly, very accommodating and we were super impressed! Highly recommend!!


Dr Mitchell and Office Staff Ms Nikki are wonderful. From the first moment you walk in you are made to feel at home. Dr Mitchell listens to you and works on getting you to feel better immediately. I can’t Thank her enough. Would recommend her to everyone!

Gloria G

Dr Mitchell and Ms. Nikki are awesome! Their office has a very friendly environment. They make you feel right at home. They have answered any questions I have had and informed me of any important information I need. Dr Mitchell is very thorough with her exams and genuinely cares. Her knowledge and years in this profession really show. She goes the extra mile for her patients. You feel better after every session you attend. I highly recommend her and her staff.

Melissa T

I can’t express enough how amazing Dr. Mitchell is. Anyone who knows me, knows I was HIGHLY skeptical about going to a chiropractor. After being in constant pain for almost two weeks I went and had the MOST AMAZING therapy session! I literally walked out a few hours later feeling a dramatic difference than when I had first arrived. For the first time since a fender bender I was involved in I had relief, and hope of light at the end of the tunnel to get back to my normal active lifestyle. Looking forward to the rest of my therapy sessions as well as maintenance session with her even after therapy is complete. I HIGHLY recommend this office

Jess W

Staff is always great and extremely caring with their patients.

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