Auto Accident Chiropractor in San Antonio, TX

Accidents happen every day, and many leave behind injured passengers and drivers. From Fender benders to severe crashes, auto accidents cause a range of spinal injuries, including, back, neck, and shoulder pain. Of course, whiplash is one of the most common injuries treated by our San Antonio chiropractor.

Types of Accident Injuries We Handle

Here are a few of the injuries treated by our auto accident chiropractor:

  • Head and Brain Injuries: If you hit your head, you may develop a concussion. Traumatic brain injuries include skull fractures, lacerations, and internal bleeding. After your initial injuries begin to heal, you may benefit from chiropractic care.
  • Neck and Back Injuries: If you suffer from herniated disc, spinal damage, muscle strains, and disc herniation, we can help. Back and neck manipulation can reduce swelling and help you heal faster.  
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Many people don’t realize that chiropractors also treat ligaments, muscles, and tendons overstretched or torn during an accident.
  • Spinal Injuries: Sometimes, your pain derives from damage to the spinal cord itself. Depending on the severity of the injury, an auto accident chiropractic care can alleviate pressure and pain and help you get back to normal living.

Auto Accident Chiropractor in San Antonio, TX

Benefits of an Auto Accident Chiropractor

At ASC Accident & Sports Injury Clinic, we provide gentle chiropractic care to help your body heal naturally. With the help of an experienced auto accident chiropractor, you can reap the rewards of natural treatment that doesn’t depend on drugs or surgery to alleviate pain. If you aren’t sure whether a chiropractor can help, schedule a consultation to learn more about what we do and whether we can help you.

San Antonio, TX Auto Accident Chiropractor

How do chiropractors treat car accident injuries?

Wonder stand how pain, swelling, and loss of motion can impact your daily routine. Your doctor may recommend rest and prescribe medication for pain relief, Meanwhile, the root cause other problem goes unaddressed. When you work with an auto accident Chiropractor, you may find natural solutions that realign the spine and help the body begin to heal itself.

After an accident, you may feel that your spine is also a wreck. with the right care and rehabilitation, you should notice decreased pain and inflammation. Also, since we addressed the root cause of the issue, chiropractic adjustments trigger your body’s natural healing process too begin or speed up.

What is spinal manipulation?

Chiropractors use their hands or instruments to realign vertebrae in the spine and neck. these techniques can often help those injured in a car accident. By returning the vertebrae to there correct position, the chiropractor realigns the disc, vertebrae, and spinal column.

In turn, this decreases strain on tendons, muscles and ligaments sore from taking on the role of ignored muscle.

How is whiplash treated by a chiropractor?

The injuries associated with whiplash require a specific and unique approach. We utilize an array of technology to help reduce neck pain and speed up the healing process. Doctors often refer their toughest whiplash cases to us for treatment.

We can help you determine whether your injury required chiropractic care. Each patient receives a protocol specific to their needs. Sometimes you may need just one or two treatments. Other times, you’ll require more significant and frequent treatment. the latter often applies to whiplash cases following an automobile accident.

When should you see an auto accident chiropractor?

How can you determine when to seek the care of a licensed chiropractor in San Antonio? What are some bodily injury claims covered under your auto insurance? Understanding what your insurance will and won’t cover can make it easier plot out the care you’ll receive.

We can also help you fill out your request for reimbursement and prescribe 90 vasive treatment to help you begin the recovery process.

How can you get chiropractic treatment?

ASC Accident & Sports Injury Clinic starts at the beginning, with a full evaluation and interview regarding the details of the accident. We also recommend documenting the name and phone number of your claims representative.

There are many reasons patients come to us following an automobile accident. You may feel numbness in your fingers and toes and not know how to address it, for instance.

Contact us today at a time convenient for you to discuss your injuries and the impact on daily living.