“Before I came to see Dr. Mitchell I wasn’t in the best position to be my best. Dr. Mitchell + her staff have helped me improve in wonderful ways. Lets just say I wasn’t my best. So a big thank you goes out to Dr. Mitchell for helping me recover. I am grateful for all she has done to help me and my family.”

Jaretzy R.

“Dear Pam,

Before I go back to Germany, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was blessed to feel your big help and sincere Love. May God protect you.”

With love,

“Dr. Pam is a very proficient, knowledgable + compassionate chiropractor and professional. I highly recommend her for chiropractic care or anything she puts her enery + heart into. I feel blessed to have received her care and to be able to caller her friend.”

Blessings + Beauty,
Carolyn L. R.

“After my car accident, the Accident & Sports Injury Clinic was a God-send. I suffered neck + back injuries and had a hard time getting out of bed. Dr. Pamala care got me up and moving again. Dr. Pam is about more than treatment, she has a genuine love for the care she provides.”

– Penny Smith

“What a blessing! I have old car injuries, but Dr. Pam does more than just treat for those injuries. She was extremely helpful, + a key player in assisting with pain management from medications. Also great notes on all events rather here or with other providers. Dr. Pam kept me sane + relieved my pain. Her staff has always been friends. I don’t come for treatment as much, but the treatment is always right on + keeps me going throughout the week.”

– Cheryle

“To Palmala Mitchell & Staff:

It was a personal attention and care, concern, you have been my support. Thank you for your service.”

Love A.A.

“Dear Dr. Pam,

I am so very grateful to have you in my life. Your passion and knowledge is life changing for me. I have seen many good chiropractors throughout the years and none have been so thorough with my health and healing! God bles you and keep you!”

<3 Karen R.

“I have been seeing Dr. Pam for years. She is kind, thorough, and helpful. She is gentle, and uses techniques that are maybe more old school but they are very helful. An example of this is T-Bur. T-Bur helps release tension/tightness in my upper back and make me able to turn my head more easily. I am a lifetime customer.”

🙂 Bonnie Sifuentes

“Thanks to Dr. Pam and her staff at Accident & Sports Injury Clinic, I was able to fully recover from my terrible accident. Dr. Pam’s hard work and dedication to my injuries allowed me to heal back to my pre-accident times and I am truly grateful for her time & assistance.”

– Eddie Elizalde

“Dr. Pam helped me get back to my activities without pain quickly. She was very thorough in her treatment. I didn’t have time to let my pain limit me and she worked to get me back to 100% as fast as possible.”

– Cassandra

“Dear Dr. Pam, Israel + staff, I love you! <3 Thanks for your great care + expertise. You are helping me with some OLD injuries, general tune-ups. I wouldn’t be walking + dancing without you!” – Jeana Watts

“I am very satisfied with Dr. Mitchell & Anna’s service. They both are very compassionate, thorough and patient-centered. They make me feel comfortable in every session. Encourages me to ask question. Very professional. I feel that I made a huge improvement in terms of strength and balance. I would definitely recommend them as a chiropractor. Perfect team! Kudos :)”

– Eraisa Cruz

“Thank you Dr. Pam. I am so very grateful to have you as my chiropractor. Through all my troubles AND PAIN you were there for me. When I hurt my back in marching band I needed help and in one visit I was all better. Thank you Dr. Pam for your hard and dedicated work.”

– Juan Villalobos

“Dearest Dr. Pam,

You and your team are amazing! You always take a lot of time to really listen and work with me. Your knowledge and your experience are priceless and you are the only person who was able to help me with a very very long ailment. I love you and I feel blessed to call you a friend.”

– J. C.

“I’m very blessed to have found Dr. Mitchell for my son and me. The adjustments and therapies are as valuable and beneficial as the friendship and education we receive with each visit. Dr. Mitchell is without a doubt, THE BEST doctor we have ever had. Thank you Dr. Mitchell!”

– Patricia Villalobos

“Thanks Dr. Pam for keeping me going all these . years and re-start my athletic activities after thinking I was too old for sports. I’ve been getting better and better each year and achieving athletic goals that I thought impossible a few years back such as qualifying to the Boston Marathon and completing crazy distance races in amazing places. God bless you and your family for all your hard and dedicated work.”

– Carlos Osollo

“Dr. Pam has seen me thru some major accidents both vehicular and with my horses. I don’t even want to quit riding horses & thanks to her I still can. Thank you Dr. Pam & Merry Christmas!”

-Leslie White

“Dear Dr. Pam,

Thank you so uch for all the things you did for me + my grand daughter. THanks for listening to me about my problems. I enjoyed coming to see you all every time I come for my visit All the exercise you told me do really helped me. Even, if I was like a steel trash can. May God bless you + your family. We love you all.”

Maria S. Q.

“Dr. Mitchell & Staff,

Thank you so much for helping my grandma and I, and being so welcoming. Thank you for having patience with us, and getting us back to ourselves. Thank you for being the greatest chiropractor. Thank you for giving the best adjustments. Thank you again.”

– L.0.

“What I love about Dr. Mitchell’s office is that she believes in holistic health, stretches, exercise, not just snap, crackle, and pop.”
– Bill

“What I love about coming to Dr. Mitchell’s office is that I can come to a fun and easy environment, relax and get what I need at the level and intensity I need it.”
– Ruby

“Dr. Mitchell, when I win the lottery, I am going to hire you full time!”
– Kevin

(Note: Kevin is a Military Vet that comes to the special program called Vettriip designed to help our vets using Natural healing, including energy healing, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, emotional freedom technique, and more, in all a free 2 hour experience offered 2 days a month for vets and their dependants.)

Click here for more information about vettrip.

“I have suffered with chronic headaches and back pain for many years.  When I went to Dr. Mitchell I thought I just needed help with my back.  What she showed me and taught me was I needed to change things in different areas of my life that would help my overall health and improve my quality of life.  Dr. Mitchell has made such a drastic difference in my life that I incorporated that care into the lives of my family members as well. (My son doesn’t go a day without the vitamins she recommended, which helps keep him calmer and on task and makes life livable!)  Dr. Mitchell’s dedication to treating not just the symptoms but the causes of pain and discomfort in your life will make a difference.”
– Amy Lamb

Dr. Pamala Mitchell treated my initial low back pain by treating my entire body.  Her through exam of body & mine helped to create a better lifestyle for me.  Her knowledge helped to overcome obstacles that prevent healing. I got what she can do for me and others so much so that I had to become a part of it.  I, now have been working for Dr. Mitchell for over 3 years.”
– Callie Hughes, (Patient 1st, Office Biller, 2nd)

Love notes from our patients

I love chiropractic because:

“It has helped me get out of pain.” – Rachelle M.

“It has made me a better athlete.” – Dane A.

“My foot moves awesomely now.” – Ricki M.

“I come in all tensed and leave all relaxed.” – Terri G.

“Dr.Mitchell’s staff is very friendly and courteous.” – Mario D.