“What I love about Dr. Mitchell’s office is that she believes in wholelistic health, stretches, exercise, not just snap, crackle, and pop.”
– Bill

“What I love about coming to Dr. Mitchell’s office is that I can come to a fun and easy environment, relax and get what I need at the level and intensity I need it.”
– Ruby

“Dr. Mitchell, when I win the lottery, I am going to hire you full time!”
– Kevin

(Note: Kevin is a Military Vet that comes to the special program called Vettriip designed to help our vets using Natural healing, including energy healing, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, emotional freedom technique, and more, in all a free 2 hour experience offered 2 days a month for vets and their dependants.)

Click here for more information about vettrip.

“I have suffered with chronic headaches and back pain for many years.  When I went to Dr. Mitchell I thought I just needed help with my back.  What she showed me and taught me was I needed to change things in different areas of my life that would help my overall health and improve my quality of life.  Dr. Mitchell has made such a drastic difference in my life that I incorporated that care into the lives of my family members as well. (My son doesn’t go a day without the vitamins she recommended, which helps keep him calmer and on task and makes life livable!)  Dr. Mitchell’s dedication to treating not just the symptoms but the causes of pain and discomfort in your life will make a difference.”
– Amy Lamb

Dr. Pamala Mitchell treated my initial low back pain by treating my entire body.  Her through exam of body & mine helped to create a better lifestyle for me.  Her knowledge helped to overcome obstacles that prevent healing. I got what she can do for me and others so much so that I had to become a part of it.  I, now have been working for Dr. Mitchell for over 3 years.”
– Callie Hughes, (Patient 1st, Office Biller, 2nd)

Love notes from our patients

I love chiropractic because:

“It has helped me get out of pain.” – Rachelle M.

“It has made me a better athlete.” – Dane A.

“My foot moves awesomely now.” – Ricki M.

“I come in all tensed and leave all relaxed.” – Terri G.

“Dr.Mitchell’s staff is very friendly and courteous.” – Mario D.